Face of the 2017 Good Friday Appeal

3rd March, 2017

The 2017 face of the Appeal is an energetic toddler, Remy Dyer.

Remy was born in 2015 to new parents Matt and Jen Dyer. All seemed to be progressing for the first eight months of Remy’s life until his granny made a keen observation while watching Remy feeding. Notorious for pulling Jen’s hair, it was noticed that Remy would not use his left hand nearly as much as he would use his right. Matt and Jen sought advice from their GP and decided to make the trip to the Emergency Department of The Royal Children’s Hospital.


Remy Dyer at seven months old. On close inspection the Remy’s left arm stays relatively still while at play. Video: Jen Dyer


It was there that Remy was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma, a rare tumour that was spreading its tentacles through Remy’s brain and had most likely started before he was born.

Despite this diagnosis, Jen Dyer always knew that “Remy was going to receive the best care, and that [her family] were in the safest of hands.”

Removing Remy’s tumour was anything but a straightforward process, with Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Dr. Juliet Clayton conducting not one, but two long surgeries to largely remove the tumour from Remy’s brain.

It was only with the support of The Royal Children’s Hospital, that this gorgeous boy with a heartwarming smile is now able to thrive.


“The Royal Children’s Hospital is able to remain a world class facility and help patients like Remy and his family everyday thanks to the generous help of the community through the Good Friday Appeal,” said Anne Randall, the Appeal’s Director.

HOLD FOR THE GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL---- Remy Dyer, patient of the Royal Children's Hospital, for the 2017 Good Friday Appeal poster image. Picture: Alex Coppel.

Remy Dyer, patient of The Royal Children’s Hospital and face of the 2017 Good Friday Appeal. Picture: Alex Coppel.


Remy now has regular appointments and check-ups at The Royal Children’s Hospital and always brings his infectious smile. Some of  his favourite visits include attending  aquatic physiotherapy in the custom-built hydrotherapy pool, which was purchased and built using the generous community donations through the Good Friday Appeal. The pool helps infants, children and adolescents achieve what they can’t do on land and will aid Remy as he continues to develop.


“We can rest a little easier each night knowing that Remy is in the capable hands of The Royal Children’s Hospital and the wonderful staff and doctors there,,” said Remy’s mum, Jen Dyer.


The Dyer family represents just one of the thousands of families that are supported every day by The Royal Children’s Hospital. The Good Friday Appeal works tirelessly each year to support a wonderful cause, that holds a soft spot in the hearts of so many Australians.



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