Connecting to great care via video calls

1st August, 2017

What happens when you suffer a chronic illness and the best medical experts are a three-hour drive away?


Royal Children’s Hospital patient, Dermot and his specialist Associate Professor, Sarath Ranganathan conduct their check ups using RCH Telehealth. It connects families in Victoria and across Australia with care at The Royal Children’s Hospital, so families like Dermot’s can see their specialists without missing school and travelling long distances.


“Telehealth is amazing. Dermot’s respiratory specialist Sarath has been with us since Dermot was diagnosed, so it’s fantastic that we can just turn on the computer and speak with him. To come into Melbourne, it takes a whole day and Dermot has to miss school. We are so lucky to have such easy access to the best care and amazing specialists like Sarath.”

Julie, Dermot’s mum


RCH Telehealth is generously funded through community donations and our wonderful supporter Cadbury. In its 17th year, the Werribee Family Picnic and Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt raised over $114,000 to improve the health and life of children and their families.


“Telehealth has positive benefits for patients like Dermot because it gives them access to the same great care without travelling time. He can attend an appointment without missing as much school or after school activities. Telehealth is also helpful for cystic fibrosis patients like Dermot because it reduces the risk of cross-infection in the hospital.”

Associate Professor Sarath Ranganathan, Director or RCH Respiratory Medicine and Dermot’s specialist

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