Thank you Woolworths staff and customers

19th December, 2016

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in the Woolworths raffle. Your support makes a difference to the lives of children at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

  • 1st Prize: $10,000 Woolworths WISH Gift Cards – J Burke   (# 16283, Kew)
  • 2nd Prize:  $7,000 Woolworths WISH Gift Cards – R Christin   (# 27919 Bushy Park)
  • 3rd Prize: $3,000 Woolworths WISH Gift Cards – C Hayes   (# 25621, Mill Park)

Generous donations from Woolworths staff and customers fund wonderful initiatives helping seriously ill children decrease anxiety and reduce distress through music therapy services.

Thanks to Woolworths support, over 1600 music therapy sessions were held last year for children in the oncology, cardiac, Paediatric Intensive Care and Palliative care wards as well as children undergoing bone marrow transplants.

Music therapy includes group and individual sessions tailored to the needs of the children. The positive stimulation of a quiet, familiar song can subtly shift their focus and mood assisting in recovery and coping for children who are too unwell to participate in other hospital activities.


Alice was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with High-Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Alice initially experienced lengthy hospital stays, which saw her mother and herself separated from her father and siblings due to the distance between home and the hospital.

Throughout her initial treatment Alice’s leukaemia responded poorly to her therapy, with Alice requiring a Bone Marrow Transplant. Due to the isolation requirements of the transplant, Alice and her mother were once again separated from their family, with Alice unable to see her siblings during her months of isolation.

Like most 7 year olds, Alice loved music. Alice loved to sing, dance, play, and write her own songs. The music therapy sessions enabled Alice to experience some aspects of normality in an environment that was anything but normal for her and her family. When Alice was well enough to leave her isolation room, music therapy sessions were held off the ward, in the music room. Alice engaged in what she liked to call “dance parties”, where Alice would choose the songs she loved, and dance and sing along to them with the music therapist and her mother.

Alice would engage brightly and happily, laughing, singing, and essentially once again resembling a typical 7 year old. In each session held in the music room Alice’s mother would comment on how great it was to see her “crazy, happy, Alice” again.

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